Super safari


Super Safari is a high score slot game based on the hit movie, King of the Jungle. The game features the return of safari animals and the chance to find rare items and much more. Unlike many slot games where you simply get a card and that’s that, you don’t get any extra chips or coins with Super Safari. However, it’s worth getting some extra coins just in case you run out of them!

The main difference with this version of the slot machine is that it has better graphics and a lot more fun! The graphics have been completely redone and look very high quality. There is also a wealth of animals to discover including giraffes, elephants, rhinoceroses, crocodiles, meerkats, monkeys and ostriches. There are even the classic bonus rounds like wild, scatter and freestyle games to play. There are also the classic bonus video slot reels like the famous “Lucky Number Slevin'”.

The biggest change however, is the option to download the whole super safari site. Instead of being restricted to just the video slot machines there’s a ton of content available including information on conservation and nature conservation. There’s also bonus features like photos from the campaign, info on the actors and producers and even a message from Director Steven Knight. There’s even a couple of songs that use the original theme music.

The new Super Safari slot machines include a variety of wild animals like lemurs, crocodiles, hippos, hippo, lions, eagles and much more. There are even three different game types. Slots are now played in two different casino styles. There’s the regular slots where you spin the reels and win coins or a combination of coins and actual cash. Plus there’s the bonus style of play where you spin the special super spins and win bonuses.

The main difference is that in the slot game you get to choose the exact animal that you want to place your bet on. That’s true in both the wild and bonus slots. This means that if you’re playing for real money you can build up a real fortune in just a few minutes. The main downside is that the reels do rotate very fast and as soon as you hear one more spin you’re out! You can however play the game online for free and it really is just as exciting.

In Super Safari the symbols used are also very unique. It starts with a wildebeest and then a giraffe symbol on reels 1, 2 and 3, and a buffalo, elephant and rhinoceros on reels 4, 5 and 6. On the bonus reel symbols include the lion, tiger, leopard, elephant, and buffalo. All the symbols on the wild slots are used as names in English, making it slightly easier for people learning to play the game to read what they’re betting on. Plus the symbols on the bonus reel make for some interesting names and each symbol represents something unique.

This game is extremely popular with families as it’s both fun and exciting for them to win. Plus it is incredibly simple to learn, and anyone learning to play slots should find Super Safari to be an enjoyable experience. The graphics on the slots are very nice and although they aren’t as flashy or sparkly as they used to be they still look great and have a modern feel to them. Plus there are numerous other games to play as part of this super safari theme including a jungle series which takes you on safari adventures through the African wilderness, a shop series which allows you to buy items from different shops in town and a bowling series where you get to bowl a bowling ball through hoops and holes.